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Feb. 22, 2023

Todd Parrott interview

Todd Parrott interview

Todd Parrot joins me on episode 80.

Todd is a gospel harmonica player who was inspired to play harmonica after first hearing it in church. He went on to join the church band and has gone on to develop a heavenly tone on the instrument. Todd listened to a lot of country harmonica and was influenced from several players from that genre, including Terry McMillan. 

Todd released a self-produced solo album, Songs From The Harp, where he learned to play several instruments to accompany his harmonica playing, as well as using other musicians. He is also a sought after session musician, appearing on albums from numerous recording artists.

Todd has run the Carolina HarpFest harmonica camp and is a regular at the annual SPAH event. He makes use of alternative tunings, makes his own combs and is an overblow player.


Todd’s website:

Carolina Harp Fest:

Joe Spiers Custom harmonicas:

Hohner Golden Melody live launch stream (23/02/23):


Playing with Buddy Green at SPAH:

Playing Amazing Grace at SPAH:

Todd reviews Joe Spiers custom harps:

Todd playing a Golden Melody:

Reviewing Brendan Power’s Slip Slider harmonica:

Demonstrates harmonica with 7 draw tuned down:

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