The podcast that provides profiles of great harmonica players and technicians from around the world


Neil Warren

My name is Neil Warren, and I run the Happy Hour Harmonica podcast.

The podcast brings interviews with harmonica players from around the world. Hearing their story: how they started out on the harmonica, how they got their big break, an overview of their recorded albums and other output, the gear they use and playing tips.

I started the podcast following years of collecting music recordings of as many harmonica players as I could. I built these recordings up into huge playlists, arranged in the key of harmonica they were played on, playing along with them as part of my practise regime. I did this to absorb as much harmonica as I could to help my own playing.

I created a website on the back of this, with harp transcriptions and what I think is the best 'what key harmonica is this song played on' list available:

Now I'm lucky enough to be able to talk to many of them (some of them have been my harmonica heroes for years!) And deliver their words of wisdom to you. 

I hope you find them of some value as part of your own harmonica journey.



I have won the Harmonica UK competition in the following categories:

Jazz competition winner

- Jazz Harmonica Player of the Year in 2009 (playing Sophisticated Lady on chromatic)

- Blues and Rock Solo Diatonic Player of the Year in 2011 (playing a version based on Mark Hummel's 'Harmonica Party')

- Melodic Player of the Year (on diatonic) in 2012 (playing an Old Time medley)