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Adam Gussow (guest)

I managed to listen to the entire podcast on the way home. It's terrific. I'm amazed how fast you edited it into shape, and I'm just as amazed by the edit itself, which leaves out nothing essential and is very smoothly accomplished. The little bits of music add a wonderful touch. All in all, it's a superb achievement--the most comprehensive overview of my musical and writing career that I believe anyone has ever pulled off. My sincere thanks.

Jim Conway Interview

Hi Neil, really enjoyed your interview with Jim Conway. As an Australian harp player I have seen a couple of Jim’s gigs over the years and even picked up some tips from him when chatting to him afterwards. A truly nice guy and a fine player. Looking forward to listening to some of the other interviews. Keep up the good work.

Essential listening

I love this podcast. If you love the harmonica, you will too.

Brendan Power (guest)

I've just being listening to yet another of the excellent Happy Hour Harmonica podcasts by Neil Warren This episode he's interviewing Richard Gjems of Norway, who's not just a great diatonic harp player but also has a lot of interesting stuff to say. Give it a listen - then check out some other interviews in this fine series - you won't be disappointed!

Cy Leo (guest)

Wow! It is so cool to listen back to the podcast!

Enjoying the podcasts

I just want to say that your podcast is really good! I have almost listen through all sessions.

A Must for Harp Players

These podcasts are some of the best (if not THE BEST) being offered today. I think these interviews intimately will be important for a historical perspective. They have helped me find motivation to keep practicing. Thanks for all you hard work.

Harmonica is better in the UK

This podcast along with Tomlin are the best in the harmonica genre. It’s a great structure and the host does a good job of highlighting and encouraging the guest. I’m not sure why we cannot get a good harmonica podcast in the US. The UK is much better in that regard

Phil Wiggins interview

I just listened to your excellent interview with Phil Wiggins. I’ve known Phil for decades but I definitely learned a lot listening to your interview.

From a listener

A fellow harmonica player on the Forum at David Barrett’s site recommended listening to one of your podcasts, and since then I’ve become addicted, catching up on nearly all of them. Great interviews! I’m interested primarily in blues harmonica, and you’ve interviewed a few blues folks I’ve gotten to know of the years. But I’ve also really enjoyed your interviews with jazz and classical players. (In 2016 I spent three of the wee hours of the morning at the hotel bar at SPAH with Robert Bonfiglio - what a great individual!)

Bob Corritore (guest)

I just listened all the way through this interview. I think this might be the best interview I ever did!

PT Gazell (guest)

Nice work!

Mick Kinsella interview

Thank you for the interview with Mick Kinsella - I absolutely love his Harmonica CD and stumbled on your site by accident. The interview went very well; good questions! What a find - more interviews with some great players I'll be checking out for sure

Top class

Still really enjoying all the podcasts...many, many thanks they are a really top class listen

Tony Eyers (guest)

Wonderful job. Do keep on with these podcasts. They already form a compelling resource. If you continue as you have, they will become the resource.

Errol Linton interview

Great podcast, all the bra$$dog crew loved it.

Great podcasts

Really enjoying your interviews with harmonica players! I will continue to enjoy any podcasts you send our way. Bluegrass Bill in US

Good work!

Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcasts. I’ve listened to Jim’s podcast, Antonio Serrano’s and also John Cooks - you’ve done a great job with each one particularly with your research and great questioning - thanks for all the time you must have put in to these.

Harmonica fan

What you you do is an original work and so much interesting for anyone interested in harmonica things ! So thanks you for that

Great podcasts

I love your podcast - great guests, great questions and great answers!

Grant Dermody (guest)

I heard the interview and thought it came out great. Thank you!

Jerry Portnoy (guest)

Nice job, Neil

Rachelle Plas (guest)

Thanks a million for your great podcast !! That’s wonderful!

Super interview

Once again, super interviews with Kim Wilson and Rod Piazza. They have all made for great listening

Joe Filisko (guest)

Hey man! Wonderful. Thank you so much for including me here. I am most delighted with what you have done.