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April 24, 2021

Rick Epping interview

Rick Epping interview

Rick Epping joins me on episode 37. 

Rick worked for Hohner USA for 18 years and played a pivotal role in improving the quality of their harmonicas back to their former glory. While at Hohner, he also developed the XB40, the all-bending harmonica. Rick is also an expert customiser of harmonicas and can be credited with the creation of embossing reeds to improve playability.

Rick has a real passion for playing Irish music, to such an extent that he even moved to Ireland so he could immerse himself in the music. He has released several albums with notable Irish groups for us to enjoy his traditional music playing.

Rick is also adept at playing harmonica on a rack, perhaps with the less orthodox instruments of the concertina and the banjo.

Article by Rick on harmonica types used in Irish Music:

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