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Sept. 1, 2021

Tony Eyers interview

Tony Eyers interview
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Tony Eyers joins me on episode 45.
Tony is an Australian who first picked up the harmonica while studying at Yale in the US. Returning from America he started a successful blues band in Adelaide.
He also plays baroque recorder, and has been part of an ensemble for 25 years, which has helped shape his sound on harmonica.
In the mid-90s he became interested in playing fiddle music and developed the Major Cross tuning for the diatonic, now available through Seydel.
Tony has several successful harmonica teaching websites, including the Harmonica Academy.
And also has his own harmonica trio for which he has released numerous YouTube videos, where he maintains the great tradition of comedy in the harmonica ensemble.


Teaching website:

Spanish version:

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Recorder teaching site:

Major Cross Harp Tuning:

Taiwan tour in 2010:

Tony Eyers trio formation story:

Jim Fitting:

Tony Eyers Trio - Jerusalem Ridge:

Tremolo playing:

Tony Eyers Trio with button accordions:

Tony’s Fifties Busking trio:

Tony explains Major Cross tuning:

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