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Dec. 9, 2022

Laurent Maur interview

Laurent Maur interview
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Laurent Maur joins me on episode 75.

Laurent is a jazz chromatic player from France. He first started learning diatonic before moving on to the chromatic to pursue his love of jazz music. He had some lessons with the French classical chromatic player, Claude Garden, helping to advance his technique. Laurent played with a few different bands, touring and recording albums with them before releasing two albums under his own name, and two with the Youpi Quartet. Laurent teamed up with the flute player from this quartet to release his most recent album, of duets with flute. 

Laurent makes use of different harmonicas beyond the chromatic and occasional diatonic, playing the recently released Suzuki bass and chord harmonicas as well as being one of the leading exponents of the DM48 midi chromatic harmonica.


Laurent’s website:

JJ Milteau Method for Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica tuition book:

Suzuki SSCH-56: Compact Chord & S-48B (Bass):

Children’s show: The true Story of the Tchepperpou

Midi controller foot pedal:


La Cambiada with Orlando Pole:

Duo with Emilie Calme in Sunside Jazz Club, Paris:

Tuition video on using the Dorian scale:

Children’s show teaser:

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