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Sept. 28, 2021

Jason Rosenblatt interview

Jason Rosenblatt interview
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Jason Rosenblatt joins me on episode 47.

A native of Canada but now resident in Israel, Jason is best known for his band Shtreiml, playing a mixture of Klezmer (Jewish) and Eastern European music with great use of the harmonica. 

His first instrument was piano before he went on to pick up the harmonica after hearing Sonny Terry and Paul Butterfield. He then took advantage of the vibrant Montreal blues scene to witness harmonica live.

After hearing Howard Levy’s seminal ‘New Directions in Harmonica’ tutorial video, Jason knew he also wanted to take his own playing down a new path. He proceeded to take lessons with Howard, helping him to expand his sound using the overblow technique.

In 2015 Jason released his album Wiseman’s Rag, a slightly twisted take on the blues and jazz music that first got him started.


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