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Aug. 19, 2022

DM48 interview with Erik Lekholm and Jason Keene

DM48 interview with Erik Lekholm and Jason Keene
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Erik Lekholm and Jason Keene join me on episode 67.

Where we talk about the innovative DM48 midi chromatic harmonica, designed by Erik initially as a means to practise silently. He posted his creation on a harmonica forum and it soon gained interest, with people eager to purchase it. So Erik and his father started building and sold the first ones in 2017, with the updated version, the DM48X, coming out in 2022 .

Jason Keene joins me in the second half of the podcast, to provide the perspective of one of the leading players of the DM48, which he describes as a game changer for his music. Jason talks us through the set-up and the limitless possibilities that this midi chromatic harmonica  brings.

DM48 website:

Jason Keene website:

Reviews of the DM48:

DM48 User forum:

Millioniser 2000:

Millioniser 2000:

Erik Lekholm demos some of the capabilities of the DM48:

Erik Lekholm explaining the DM48 at the NAMM show, 2020:

Brendan Power compares DM48 to HM12 and gives overview of DM48 features:

HM12 midi harmonica video from Brendan Power:

Jason Keene talking about the DM48 being a ‘game changer’:

Jason Keene demoing using the 8K Controller to combine instruments:

Laurent Maur playing the DM48 live:

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