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May 20, 2020

Carlos del Junco interview

Carlos del Junco interview
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Always looking to push himself in new directions, Carlos has released an eclectic mixture of genres across the range of his albums. But each song is underpinned with his great sounding fusion of blues / jazz harmonica, with a great tone.

Carlos is also known for his overblowing technique, and he shares how to use this to compliment his sound.

Carlos is also a passionate teacher of the harmonica, and is running some Webinars on how to transcribe music to aid learning.

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Carlos has a teaching website:

Carlos has a Webinar coming up on 30/05/20 on using Transcribe! software:

Some of the equipment Carlos uses:
Echosystem delay pedal by Empress Effects:
Lone Wolf effects pedals:

Marble amps:

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