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May 10, 2022

Will Wilde interview

Will Wilde interview

Will Wilde joins me on episode 61.

A sixteen year old Will stole his first harmonica while at a party and proceeded to put the rock into the instrument. He first started performing with his sister, Dani, as the harmonica player in her band. But Will has always had ideas of his own and soon formed his own band, with elements of rock and a heavy, driving blues style.

Will has a very active YouTube channel, with lots of tuition videos and great performances, such as playing the Free Bird guitar solo on harmonica, as well as collaborations with other harmonica players.

Will has come up with his own Wilde tuned harmonicas, placing the second position root notes in the top two octaves as draw notes, which really opens up the  top end. Seydel manufacture these harmonicas.

Watch out for Will’s new album, with a new band, coming out later this year, which will see Will   move move towards the genre of rock.

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