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Dec. 20, 2022

Will Pound interview

Will Pound interview
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Will Pound joins me on episode 76.
Will first started playing harmonica age 10 to help with his breathing after he underwent two major heart operations as a child. Since then he has rose to fame on the English folk scene, being nominated for folk musician of the year three times. He now plays harmonica and melodeon, diversifying his musical output to cover many different acoustic genres.
Will has released a number of albums with a range of quality musicians, with his last album spanning the traditional music genres of the European continent.
He has a number one Christmas single and a number one Christmas album on his resume, has played at Buckingham Palace and on an advertisement featuring Robert de Niro.

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DPA headset microphones:

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Will Morris dancing:

Walsh and Pound at NHL concert in 2009:

Appearing on BBC Breakfast TV for Folk Award nomination:

Playing with Dame Evelyn Glennie:

He’s Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother - Hillsborough Charity single:

Playing at Buckingham Palace:

Facebook video with Jenn Butterworth:

Warburton’s advert with Robert Niro:

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