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May 4, 2022

Wade Schuman interview

Wade Schuman interview
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Wade Schuman joins me on episode 60.

Wade is the singer / songwriter and leader, and of course harmonica player, of the New York based 8-piece band, Hazmat Modine, with the harmonica playing a pivotal role in the sound of such a big band. In fact, there is often a second harmonica player in the band.

Wade absorbed many musical genres from a young age, which helped shape the eclectic styles of music played by Hazmat Modine, from African, Asian, Klezmer, Caribbean, all with an American roots core. The band has released five albums, with another in the pipeline.

Wade started out learning pre-war harmonica, an approach he has integrated so well into the big band line-up. And he was a central part of the New York harmonica scene in the early 1990s, mixing with many of players who have gone on to establish themselves as the leading players in the harmonica community of today.


Yazoo album of 1920s & 30s harmonica:

Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers book by Kim Field:

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European tour 2022:

Wade playing with Hog 2 octave pedal:

Live at the BBC:

Outdoor concert filmed for the Nobel Laureate Committee:

Solo piece at Stockholm Jazz festival:

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