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Jan. 22, 2022

Tom Ball interview

Tom Ball interview
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Tom Ball joins me on episode 54.

From Los Angeles, but long time resident of Santa Barbara, he started playing guitar in the popular local folk scene before Sonny Terry turned him on to the sound of acoustic harmonica.
He then met Kenny Sultan, to form possibly the longest surviving acoustic blues duo. They have now been performing together for over 42 years and have recorded eight albums together. As well as session work for commercials, television and film, and toured the world together.

On top of this Tom has over 300 album credits as a sideman with other artists, has written three harmonica instruction books, a guitar instruction book, two fictional books and released some solo guitar albums.



Sonny Terry licks book:

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Filthy Rich with Kenny Sultan:

David Barrett interview: demo of wah and growl

Nagasaki Sails From Uranus:

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Spah 2012, playing Don’t Get Around Much Anymore:

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