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March 24, 2023

Steve Guyger interview

Steve Guyger interview
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Steve Guyger joins me on episode 82.

Steve is from the Philadelphia area of the US and he absorbed the blues harmonica players when he first got into playing, with John Lee Williamson a big early inspiration. Steve was also great friends with the late Paul Oscher, making  three albums with him. Steve also teamed up with the legendary Jimmy Rogers, over the course of fourteen years. 
Steve has released five albums under his own name, with a great mix of diatonic and chromatic blues.
Steve’s long-standing band is the Excellos, who   are still performing more than forty years after their formation, and Steve is due to play in a Jimmy Rogers tribute in Switzerland with Dennis Gruenling and Nick Moss sometime soon.


Blues Harmonica DVD on Hal Leonard:

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Steve's YouTube Music channel:

Paul Oscher playing bass harmonica on The Things I Used To Do:

Live concert with Excellos:

I Can See By Your Eyes song:

Rock This House (live at Austrian Blues festival):

Sammy Lewis playing in 5th position:

Snake Oil live performance (outro song):

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