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Feb. 20, 2021

Son of Dave interview

Son of Dave interview
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Son of Dave is originally from Winnipeg, Canada, where he enjoyed pop chart success for ten years with folk-rock band Crash Test Dummies. He then moved to London and pursued a solo career.
After two albums he decided to quite literally go it alone and become the all singing, all dancing solo performer that is the Son of Dave act. While doing so he quite possibly invented a brand new genre of harmonica, incorporating beat-boxing and loop pedals to compliment his strong rhythmic harmonica style of playing. His catalogue of albums are littered with songs he has composed by dreaming up melodies on the harmonica.
Son of Dave has thrilled audiences around the world with his cartoony Bluesman persona, dragging his suitcase fulls of tricks behind him. His one-man show has got to be seen to be believed.

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