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Nov. 18, 2021

Rory McLeod interview

Rory McLeod interview
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Rory Mcleod joins me on episode 49.
Rory is a modern day wandering minstrel . A multi-instrumentalist ‘folk singing’ troubadour, Rory has travelled far and wide, his trusty harmonica (plus an assortment of other instruments) has been with him every step of the way, including working as a musical clown in Mexico.
His first band was ‘Have Mercy’, formed jamming in the markets of London alongside Steve Baker and another harmonica player. Rory has jammed and gone onto collaborate with a wide range of different performers around the world, including Michelle Shocked from the US and Australian Aboriginal Kev Carmody. From his travels he has picked up tunes which have armed his harmonica repertoire with complex rhythms and unique angles.
Rory won the Edinburgh Festival Street Busker of the Year and was the Texas Harmonica Champion of 1981.


Rory's website:

Bandcamp page:

Buy a Sheng Chinese Harmonica:

Road Diaries:


Have Mercy ‘Boodlam’ album:

NHL Festival 2011 with glass and telephone call:

Loves Like A Rock:

Short interview on YouTube: Bluesman don’t really sing about their Grandmas:

Some of the harmonica songs on Rory's albums (including the ones played in the podcast):

Angry Love
Farewell welfare

Album: Kicking the sawdust
Harmonicas dream

Album: Footsteps and Heartbeats
Love like a Rock
Moments shared
Take me home

Album: Travelling Home
India matea
Black Brown and White

Album:Lullabies for big babies
Come with me when I go
Long lost friend

Album: Mouth to mouth
Miners Picket dance
Sandpaper blues
One track mind  (with have mercy)

Album: Brave Faces
Klezmer tune: The Disciple of the Rabbi from Trisk.
Cut in Pay
Emperor’s new clothes

Album: Swings and Roundabouts
Lassoing the bees

Album:Songs for big little people
Deep breath waltz
Winds March (played on Sheng Zheng)
Balloon dance
Direction song
Feather race

Album: Gusto
Disturbing The comfortable
Galloway girl
Wrong side of the wall

Didn’t he ramble

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