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Feb. 19, 2022

RJ Mischo interview

RJ Mischo interview
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RJ Mischo joins me on episode 56.
RJ hails from the twin cities of Minneapolis-St Paul, where he developed his craft with a little help from local player Slim Lynwood. He then teamed up with Mojo Buford to perform around the cities, including recording an album with Mojo.
With numerous albums out under his own name, RJ has also made a career out of performing gigs with ‘pick-up’ bands when he goes on tour, giving his live shows the freshness and spontaneity that he likes to bring out.
One thing that really stands out is the plentiful fine harmonica instrumentals across his album releases.
RJ is back to work so look out for one his gigs and be sure to check out this great player.



Song from Mojo Buford Harpslinger album:

Song from Blues Deluxe album:

Song from I Hope You’re Satisfied album:

Playing harmonica on a rack using RackIt:

RJ teaching at Harmonica Collective:

Playing with Junior Watson in 2021:

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