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March 11, 2022

Mathias Heise interview

Mathias Heise interview

Mathias Heise joins me on episode 57.

Mathias is a chromatic player from Copenhagen in Denmark. He started out playing diatonic, aged eight, before moving across to the chromatic, with which he was the first player to attend the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. 
Mathias won the World Harmonica Championship in Trossingen at the age of 20 with his own composition, Sudden Ascent. The album containing this track won Mathias the composers competition ‘New Jazz Star of the Year’ in Denmark in 2015. In his band, the Mathias Heise Quadrillion, Mathias is leading the way as a chromatic player in a jazz fusion band. 
His most recent album, The Beast, is recorded with the Danish Radio Big Band, with all the arrangements written by Mathias. 
He has also appeared on numerous recordings as a sideman and more recently in a duo with a guitarist. Mathias has two new jazz albums coming out later in 2022.


Suzuki chromatic bass harmonica:

Clockwork delay pedal:

Hall of Fame reverb pedal:

Isn’t She Lovely:

Spain with Phillip Achille:

ShuffleFunk with effects pedal:

Playing in a duo with guitarist Pelle von Bulow:

HUK 2017: Killer Joe

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