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May 22, 2021

Mat Walklate interview

Mat Walklate interview
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Mat Walklate joins me on episode 39. 

Mat is based in Manchester and has worked as a professional musician throughout his life, playing mainly blues and traditional music using a variety of harmonicas. He started out with a love for Sonny Boy Williamson II, and was soon touring Europe in a blues band. His interest in traditional music came from learning the tin whistle, and he also picked up other instruments for this genre, including the flute and pipes.

Mat supplements his playing income through teaching, with one-on-one, group and online teaching. 

Devoted to laying down some tracks, he has plenty of albums and online material available, including various efforts at recording songs with a multitude of harmonicas to accompany his deep vocals. Something that he’s really developed over the last year during lockdown.

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