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Jan. 27, 2023

Marko Jovanovic interview

Marko Jovanovic interview

Marko Jovanovic joins me on episode 78.

Marko is a German player with Serbian roots, from where he developed an interest in playing Balkan music on the harmonica, returning to the region to team up with several acts to release some great music in that genre. He’s also an expert blues player, has played chamber music, Arabic music and much more on both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

Marko also runs the successful Berlin Harmonica School, where as well as one-to-one group classes he has some great online video tutorials from players around the world. Offering lessons in a range of different styles, including Irish, Argentinian, and soon to come: more chromatic, flamenco and advanced diatonic harmonica. And he also runs the FEN harmonica festival now too.

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Marko playing On The Road Again with Bluesrudy:

Playing with Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves:

Playing with George Sareski:

Playing at Harmonica Masters 2015 Trossingen:

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