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May 18, 2023

Marcos Coll interview

Marcos Coll interview
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Marcos Coll joins me on episode 86.

Marcos is a Spaniard who has been living in Berlin for the last twenty years. Marcos rose to fame at a young age on the Spanish blues scene playing with the Tonky Blues Band before forming the the Los Reyes del KO band, touring the world and sharing the stage with many famous names.

Moving to Berlin in 2004, Marcos became a regular on the vibrant blues scene in Germany and recorded with many great artists.

In addition to playing blues, Marcos likes to mix modern beats such as hip hop into the blues, as well as playing traditional Spanish and Latin music, including cutting a Latin song with Charlie Musselwhite.

Marcos has an online tuition site called Harp and Soul, has been a judge at the Trossingen World Harmonica Championship and is a regular at Seoul, and other harmonica festivals.

Marcos’s website:

Online tuition website:


With Los Mighty Calacas at World Harmonica Festival 2013:

Latin workshop at Hohner masters 2022:

Chan Chan song, playing chord harp (and others) also effect part way thru

Marcos rapping on basketball anthem:

Harp and Soul tuition introduction:

Seoul festival, playing with Antonio Serrano:

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