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Nov. 27, 2021

Magic Dick interview

Magic Dick interview
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Magic Dick joins me on episode 50.
Magic Dick created one of the all time classic harmonica instrumentals in Whammer Jammer. But his long career has produced so many more highlights than just that.
He started playing trumpet at age 9, and this instrument along with his love of jazz and rock and roll shaped his approach on harmonica.
He was a founder member of the J Geils Band, who had great commercial success for over 15 years. Magic Dick was  an integral part of their sound with his harmonica work central to their output of Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Pop and Soul.
After the J Geils band split in 1985 he took a break from playing before coming back with some session playing and then forming the band Bluestime with J Geils. More recently he has performed in an acoustic duo with Shun Ng.


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