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July 15, 2022

Joe Powers interview

Joe Powers interview

Joe Powers joins me on episode 65. 

Joe started out playing diatonic harmonica along with blues records as a teenager, before deciding to study music composition at college, taking up the chromatic there.

Joe’s passion for dancing led him to Argentina and tango music, where he has become the current leading exponent on harmonica. He believes the chromatic harmonica is the perfect instrument for tango music, and talks us through how to play this captivating genre.

Although known as the ‘tango harmonica guy’, Joe also loves to play many other styles of music on the harmonica, as demonstrated across his albums and live performances, including classical pieces with full orchestras. And other the pandemic Joe has put together his very own teaching platform.

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Threnody from Gordon Jacob harmonica Suite, performed in Japan:

With Jamie Cullum in Tokyo:

Playing diatonic overblows with Japense guitarist Yosuke Onuma:

Quarantine session with Mexican violinist Arianda Lozano:

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