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Sept. 16, 2022

Herbert Quelle interview

Herbert Quelle interview
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Herbert Quelle joins me on episode 69.

Herbert is a German who worked as a diplomat for 40 years. This included 10 years as the German Consul in the US, where he met several distinguished harmonica names. With a deep interest in the harmonica, Herbert has researched the instrument to great depth, using this information to litter facts into his two fictional works centred on our beloved instrument. He tells us of the huge export of harmonicas from Germany to the US, and how the early marketing often described harmonicas as toys.

Herbert regularly makes readings from his books, with some in this podcast episode. 


Herbert’s website:

Monika’s Blues book:

Harmonica History article for Harmonica Happenings magazine:

Early harmonica recordings by The Archivist (Roger Trobridge), introduced by Joe Filisko:

Adam Gussow book:

Pat Missin’s recordings of Arthur Turelly and Pete Hampton:

Herbert playing the German National Anthem:

Mundharmonika Live (Seydel harmonica convention):


Herbert’s YouTube Channel:

A German American Love Story (Harmonica exports to the US):

Herbert playing I Feel Free:

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