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Sept. 18, 2021

Greg Heumann interview

Greg Heumann interview
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Greg Heumann joins me on episode 46.
The focus of this episode is all about gear, as I talk to the founder of BlowsMeAway Productions.
Greg has released an album of his own and uses his knowledge of playing harmonica to understand what is needed to make great harmonica products.The first product in this line was the volume control which later on Jason Ricci asked Greg to develop into the actual mic, which led to the Ultimate Series of mics.
He also hand crafts beautiful custom wood microphones and grills which can include your own initials and designs.
On top of this Greg also makes his very own mic element, which is included in his successful smaller diameter ‘Bulletini’ microphone.


Gregs website:

All About microphones guide:


Workshop video of creating wooden mic and metal grille:

Nic Clarke playing wood mic:

Hermine Deurloo playing Ultimate SM58:

Mark Hummel playing the RackIt with Bulletini:

Harpin’ By The Sea festival 2021:

PT Gazell interview as part of Seydel Overtones:


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