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May 3, 2023

Ed Hopwood interview

Ed Hopwood interview
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Ed Hopwood joins me on episode 85.
Ed is from the UK where he started out playing drums and he shares some tips on how to bring some rhythm into our harmonica playing. 
Ed loves early styles of harmonica and performs a range genres, including jug band, early blues, cajun, bluegrass and old-timey music. Ed has a one man band show where he plays harmonica, guitar, sings and a whole host of percussion instruments. He’s brought many of these skills to his main band, The Rigmarollers, a trio who play a mixture of barrelhouse blues, ragtime, jazz, swing, gospel and infectious zydeco grooves.
As well as performing, Ed runs his harmonica tuition school, the Harmonica Barge, from the canal barge on which he lives in London. 


Ed’s website:

The Rigmarollers band:

Teaching website:

Solo recordings on Soundcloud:

Mark Harrison albums:

Seth Shumate, old-time harmonica player:

One man band act:

Rory McLeod, Love Like A Rock:

Solo gig at The Green Note:

Ed solo: Born In The Wrong Time:

Peter Madcat Ruth playing Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out:

Harmonica Barge YouTube site:

Cajun music interview with Ed:

Country Blues lesson:

Cindy, Old-time tune:

I Shall Not Be Moved, Gospel song:

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