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July 24, 2021

David Naiditch interview

David Naiditch interview
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David Naiditch joins me on episode 43. 

After starting out as a diatonic player, including having lessons with a touring Sonny Terry, David developed himself into possibly the sole exponent of playing Bluegrass music on the chromatic harmonica, and has recorded various albums with some of the stellar names from the Bluegrass world. 

David likes the clean, consistent tone that the chromatic brings.
He also plays Gypsy Jazz, a genre which he sees as having some similarities with Bluegrass. 
During the pandemic David recorded an album entirely remotely from the other musicians, and his delight with the results show the increasing potential of this, although it’s always nice to play along with others. 

David honed his craft live, and you might catch him jamming along at a festival in the US sometime soon. 


Steve Kaufman’s Bluegrass workout:


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David demos blues in 12 keys on chromatic:

Jimmy Riddle playing chromatic on US TV show ‘Hee Haw’:

Jackie Naiditch YouTube channel for house jams:

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