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Oct. 26, 2021

Cy Leo interview

Cy Leo interview
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Cy Leo joins me on episode 48.
Leo is from Hong Kong, where he started learning to play classical chromatic harmonica from age 6, under the direction of his father, who is an accomplished player himself, having won the ensemble category at the 1997 World Harmonica Championship with his quintet, helping to raise interest in the harmonica throughout Asia.
Leo quickly gained recognition in his own right, winning the World Championship youth category at age 15 before taking the adult crown at age 19.
Still only 27, Leo has built on his early success with some notable studio sessions and two albums under his own name. Leo also spent a few years on cruise ships which helped him hone his stagecraft.
Currently living in New York, Leo is studying Jazz Performance at NYU. And watch out on your TV screens for Leo as he is about to audition for America’s Got Talent!


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Playing Flight of the Bumble Bee on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship:

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