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June 4, 2021

Bob Corritore interview

Bob Corritore interview
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Bob Corritore joins me on episode 40. 

Bob grew up around Chicago and absorbed the best blues scene in the world, attending the blues clubs in his youth, seeing his harmonica heroes in action and befriending many of them. 

He moved to Phoenix in this 20s and quickly became a record producer. Bob put his Business degree to good use, opening a blues club called The Rhythm Room. He took the unique opportunity to record many of the visiting blues artists, appearing on numerous albums alongside them.

Bob has won numerous awards for his albums, recorded with a host of different names. He has run a blues radio show since 1984, been awarded an honorary award for Keeping The Blues Alive, and the mayor of Phoenix even named September 29th, 2007 ‘Bob Corritore Day’. 


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