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March 29, 2022

Bertram Becher interview

Bertram Becher interview

Bertram Becher joins me on episode 58. 

Bertram is the Product Manager at Seydel harmonicas. He first landed this dream job when he made a name for himself by creating a software tutorial called The Interactive Blues Harp Workshop. 

Bertram tells us about the history of Seydel and how their use of stainless steel reeds led to the creation of the ‘new’ Seydel around 2007. As Product Manager for harmonicas he has a very varied role, including creating web pages, selecting pitches for tunings and helping customers directly with their harmonica needs. And being the harp player in the Boogielicious band, Bertram understands the needs of the gigging harmonica player.

Bertram then talks us through the range of harmonicas offered by Seydel, including the diatonic, chromatics and tremolos, as well as other offerings from the oldest harmonica manufacturer around today.


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