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March 9, 2023

Ben Bouman interview

Ben Bouman interview
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Ben Bouman joins me on episode 81.

Ben is a Dutch blues player who always strives for originality in his playing, partly inspired by his admiration for the playing of Paul deLay. Ben’s current band is The Marble Tones, who took their name from the amplifier company, with Ben helping develop their range of harmonica amps.
Ben also helped Seydel prototype their steel reeds before they released them some fifteen years ago, and he tells us all about polishing and profiling steel reeds, his own business selling customised Seydel harmonicas, and how he helped persuade Seydel in moving over to Compromised Just Tuning.
The Harpgame Is On! is the name of Ben’s self-produced album and he regularly posts YouTube videos, including his recent tuition videos on different harmonica themes.


Ben’s website:

Webshop to buy Ben Bouman custom harmonicas:

Marble amplifiers:

Viola Barends:

Seydel festival and harmonica competition:

Hohner CBH chromatic:


Paul deLay Harmonica Party:

Marble Tones band videos:

Ben's Tone in a cup:

Viola Barends harmonica orchestra:

Ben playing Watermelon Man:

Ben playing blues chromatic:

Ben gear demo recording, including Pignose amp:

The Monkey Speaks His Mind with The Marble Tones:

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