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April 5, 2023

Annie Raines interview

Annie Raines interview
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Annie Raines joins me on episode 83.

Annie is an early pioneer as a female blues harmonica player. Hailing from the Boston area of the US, she drew on the rich source of harmonica inspiration from nearby Cambridge, regularly attending a jam there in her youth, and meeting many great players and joining the Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra. 

Annie then teamed-up with her long time musical partner, Paul Rishell, after also meeting him around the Boston area. They have now been performing and recording together for over 30 years, releasing seven albums, and winning a WC Handy award for one of them. Annie has also guested on albums with several other artists, including Pinetop Perkins.

Annie teaches harmonica and has released an instructional video, and gives workshops at various harmonica gatherings.


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John Gindick’s website:

Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra:

George Mayweather: What I'd Say:

Blues Harmonica Blueprint instruction:

Tomlin Harmonica School:


Annie singing You’ve Been A Good Old Wagon:

Charles Leighton playing In A Sentimental Mood:

Canned Heat Blues: from Live In Woodstock DVD:

Harmonica UK Virtual Festival 2020:

Augusta Blues / Swing week 2013:

Duet with John Sebastien:

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