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Aug. 14, 2021

Adam 'Tidy' Burney interview

Adam 'Tidy' Burney interview
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Adam Burney joins me on episode 44. 
Adam is a south London boy, from Croydon. A stint playing with the punk bands of this area has helped shape his sound with an edge of Blues punk, including in his own band, The Brothers of Mothershovel. 
A big fan of pre-war style of harmonica, Adam has incorporated these techniques into a style which fits into a modern band. Characterised by a rhythmic driving sound which is infectiously danceable.
Adam has recorded some notable tv sessions including some harmonica used in the BBC TV Doctor Who series.
Adam’s latest album ‘Tidy’s Blues Sandwich’ is more of a full-on blues album, recorded with some of the great players currently on London blues scene.

Tidy's Blues Sandwich album:

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